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Welcome to Lisburn Gladiators Fencing Club!

Our club was first started in 2009 and was quite a small setup. From then we have grown as a club and have produced many international fencers and taken many titles. We have had A Double British Youth Champion, Irish Cadet and Junior Champions as well as Irish Senior National Champions. Our fencers have represented both Great Britain and Ireland at Junior and Senior International Competitions and remain at the top of their domestic rankings respectively. Fencers at our club can start from the age of 9 and can be any skill level. If you have questions please contact us below.

About Us


Felix Yim

Head Coach


Alison Slater

Coach and Club Secretary


Ann Cormican

Club Chairperson

Want to try out the olympic sport of fencing?

​Great! We have exactly the thing for you. We are currently offering a Beginners course for new members, we have experienced coaches and fencers which can introduce you to the sport and show you exactly how fun fencing can be. We have many different levels of fencers at our club, whether you want fence for fun, or take it more seriously and progress to an international level, we can offer the support to help. Our club has produced multiple national champions and many international standard fencers.

The beginners course consists of 5 weeks where the club will supply you with all of the coaching and equipment needed for only £30, The first night at the club is free, so you can get an idea to see if the sport is for you. The sport can be very physically demanding, so we suggest that you bring along a towel and a bottle of water.

If you are interested in the beginners course, you can contact us by email or phone or text, please quote your name, age and any previous experience, as this will help us tailor a program that is progressive to your abilities.
fencing masks
fencing masks

Want to know more about fencing?

There are three swords or as they're called weapons in fencing.
  • Foil: a light, thrusting weapon, originally used for training soldiers to fight in battle. The target is limited to the trunk of the body, including the back but not the arms or head.
  • Epee: a heavier, thrusting weapon, originally used for duelling. Hits can be scored anywhere on the body. One-hit epee is one of the five disciplines of Modern Pentathlon.
  • Sabre: a cutting and thrusting weapon, originally used by cavalry soldiers. The target area is limited to everything above the hips, except for the hands and the back of the head.
For a bit of an introduction to the sport of Fencing, click on the link below to watch Richard Kruse talking through the basics of the sport.

What We Offer

Free Personal Lessons
For All

Expert Coaching
In ALL Weapons

A Fun And Friendly

Our Skills

We have coaches qualified in all 3 weapons of fencing. We are the only club in Northern Ireland to have a referee examiner. We have trained past and current British and Irish champions. Our fencers have competed in multiple European, World and Commonwealth Championships.

All of our coaches have been trained in both the Irish Academy of Arms, and the British Fencing Academy of Arms and remain at the top of their fields.

Contact Us

To find out more about our club, feel free to get in contact, either by filling out the form, or by email/phone. Our address is below for those wishing to input into SatNavs.

88 Chapel Hill
BT28 1BW